1. ArXiv
    Positional Diffusion: Ordering Unordered Sets with Diffusion Probabilistic Models
    Francesco Giuliari, Gianluca Scarpellini, Stuart James, Yiming Wang, and Alessio Del Bue
    In ArXiv 2023
  2. Pattern Recognition
    Under the hood of transformer networks for trajectory forecasting
    Luca Franco, Leonardo Placidi,  Francesco Giuliari, Irtiza Hasan, Marco Cristani, and Fabio Galasso
    Pattern Recognition 2023


  1. CVPR
    Spatial Commonsense Graph for Object localisation in Partial Scenes
    Francesco Giuliari, Geri Skenderi, Marco Cristani, Yiming Wang, and Alessio Del Bue
    In CVPR 2022


  1. IROS
    POMP++: Pomcp-based Active Visual Search in unknown indoor environments
    Francesco Giuliari, Alberto Castellini, Riccardo Berra, Alessio Del Bue, Alessandro Farinelli, Marco Cristani, Francesco Setti, and Yiming Wang
    In 2021 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2021


  1. BMVC
    POMP: Pomcp-based Online Motion Planning for active visual search in indoor environments
    Yiming Wang,  Francesco Giuliari, Riccardo Berra, Alberto Castellini, Alessio Del Bue, Alessandro Farinelli, Marco Cristani, and Francesco Setti
    In BMVC 2020
  2. ICPR
    Transformer networks for trajectory forecasting
    Francesco Giuliari, Irtiza Hasan, Marco Cristani, and Fabio Galasso
    In 2020 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR) 2020


  1. BMVC
    Understanding Deep Architectures by Visual Summaries
    Marco Godi, Marco Carletti, Maya Aghaei,  Francesco Giuliari, and Marco Cristani
    In BMVC 2018